Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Night of the feast! A Star Trek Lexington Novella.

Star Trek Lexington's Executive Producer and Creator,Joseph Bonice competed his novella,titled Night of the feast. It is now on ISSU for fans to download and read.

This novella continues the voyages of Lexington under the command of Captain Alexander McKnight. Along with his wife,Angelica McKnight,and the rest of the crew;this novella is sure to please Star Trek fans and also give you a deeper insight into the crew of Star Trek Lexington.

Author Joseph Bonice asks that people read the novella,and give comments,reviews of his work.

Star Trek Lexington is also working hard on fan film production as well as Audio series production.

At Star Trek Lexington,the production teams believe that quality is better than quanity. And strive to bring the fans the best film and audio productions that they can provide.

From the Costume staff,working had on costumes and props,to the camera team,the public relations,promo staff. Star Trek Lexington looks to the future and is pleased to bring the novella,the promos,the virtual tours to you our fans.

Renda Carr,

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