Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Saavik's Blogger Web series honors

Todays blog, we give out a virtual honor to a hard working person who has been in Fan Writing for years with Orion Press.  Randy Landers, branched out from publications and into Fan made Web series a few years ago.  Since the beginning of Project Potemkin, Randy and his writers, actors and behind the scenes people have worked on some exciting episodes.  Each season getting better and better.

If you have not seen Project Potemkin yet:  you will find the links to their episodes at their website:

I have been watching and looking around the web at several of the Shoe String Fan made Productions for the Star Trek Universe.  There are some fine web series out there, and next blog we will touch on some of the others, Reliant, Romulan Wars to name two.   But for today, we honor Mr. Landers and his exceptional idea of creating Project Potemkin and filming with other Fan Film Groups and Audio groups at Treklanta, *Formerly known as Trektrax.

Today, we give honor where honor is due to a group of people who put out episode after episode, why?  For the love of it!    There is no money in fan made series, you have to love something to volunteer for it.

The Admiral Saavik Blog Star Trek Fan Film Honor for (Hardest working Executive Producer) 
And the award for Convention episode Filming: Goes to Project Potemkin and Project Potemkin.
This year's Treklanta, in Atlanta, GA.  Project Potemkin filmed their Third Fan Film at the Convention.
Congratulations Randy Landers, and all of the Project Potemkin People who diligently write, and film episodes at  Treklanta Conventions.

Renda M Carr's photo.

Until next blog!  Catch you around the Galaxy!


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