Monday, September 25, 2023

Recruiting Hub seeks RPG Writers.

We seek writers for Role Playing Groups set in SciFi Starfleet settings.   

Writers must have knowledge of Star Trek genre,  and enjoy writing incharacter for the RPG they are in .  

Must have knowledge of the department you wish your Character to be in. Must work well with your fellow writers.

Interested parties let us know here or on our Facebook page.

Regards ,

Administration for 
214th Black Sheep Heavy Medical Science Support Fleet.   And The G.F.P. Fleet.

Friday, April 29, 2022

Til the Storm passes by, Resolutions. A Voyager Fan Fiction. By R.M. V. Carr.

Third planet,  Janeway monitored her research for finding a vaccine to cure herself and Chakotay from the insect bites that infected them with a virus.

Kathryn walked to Chakotay, they talked about the planet, the research and about the time when they would let go of being rescued and make the planet their home, New Earth.

Kathryn went off to check the traps, she checked them one by one, the primate of the planet arrived and chattered at her;  his little alive as he pointed upwards with both arms raised and turned to the tree trunk and then back to Kathryn.  She looked at him and smiled.  "Are you trying to tell me something?"  The wind rustled faster now, as if it were angry somehow.  She turned and began to make her way back to the house, the wind and thunder raging now, her footsteps becoming more difficult as she moved against the winds trying to reach safety.  Chakotay raced from the house, as fast as he could, calling.  "Kathryn!"  He continued to move, fighting the elements, he finally reached her, and pulled her along with him. 

Reaching their house, he pulled her neath the table and then the storm's fury hit them, they were in the cross hairs of a twisting strange space storm apparently this third planet's atmosphere had a temper at times.  Chakotay held her in his arms as thing flew off the shelves and around them, Kathryn screamed out and covered her mouth, Chakotay protected her, his Kathryn.  She buried her face into his chest as the raging storm shook the house, the ground that trees outside moaned under the fury of the storm.

Kathryn held on for dear life, she had always been afraid of storms, but her Chakotay was there, he was her warrior, he joined her tribe and that was the beginning...

As the storm moved away, Chakotay checked Kathryn gently, he pulled her around and looked in her eyes.  She looked up at him, "We have to check to see what damage has been done...."  She said, as his lips met her's.  He silenced her statement, his steel arms holding onto her as if she would disappear if he ever let go.

Kathryn, returned his kisses, she knew it was finally time to admit defeat in finding a cure, that they were destined to be here, the resolutions of knowing that unless by some miracle Voyager found a cure and returned for them, they were marooned here on New Earth.

Chakotay's arms warm his chest hot, his heart beating wildly within it.  His eyes like deep obsidian pools, and the only name on his lips was "Katheryn."

He picked her up up, and carried her to the door, putting her down; her hand in his they stepped outside to inspect the damage.  The look of defeat on Kathryn's face, spoke volumes.   

Turning she looked up at him and said.  "Well, this definitely is the type of situation where one declares defeat; all of the equipment ruined, the samples gone, I cannot continue to search for a cure without the equipment."  Chakotay squeezed her hand and whispered gently.  "We will make a new start, and hopefully, we will live long and productive lives.  I definitely hope so."  He said and smiled crossing his fingers.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

214th Star Fleet Group seeks Role Playing Writers.

Greetings: We seek Role Players for RPG's based on Star Trek Universe... Candidates must command good creative writing skills and also understand the military dialogue and protocols of Star Fleet and of the Civilian United Federation of Planets. Our RPG's are not one liner groups, we write good solid in character posts for the mission objectives. Interested parties should join our hub group, and leave a message for the Star Fleet Admirals I am Admiral T'Moya, and I welcome you to join an Elite Star Fleet Group where you are only limited by your imagination and writing skills. For people who are not fully versed in Star Fleet protocols we have Star Fleet Academy that prepares our Cadets to take on positions on a Ship or Star Base or at Star Fleet HQ. So, boldly go where no one has gone before join us on the adventures:
Fleet Admiral T'Moya, 214th Black Sheep Heavy Medical and Support Fleet.